Model Furniture

Below are some free assets I designed when creating theater models.

Matboard Theater Furniture
I recommend using 3M Spray Adhesive to attach these prints on 1.5mm thick (standard) matboard; then cut out, assemble, gesso, paint, and finish. These are all designed to work with 1/2” = 1’ scale. (images below not to scale)

3D Printed Furniture
These STLs are ready to be printed. I use Overature Matte filament on my Prusa i3 MK3S at 0.15mm layer height with no support, a 3mm brim, and reduced first layer speed to increase quality and lower fail rates. Like the matboard furniture above, these are designed at 1:24 scale. There’s definitely more flexibilty for scaling the 3D model but I wouldn’t recommend going to 1:48 without thickening some of the thin parts.

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