Valley of the King Dinosaur Exhibit

This exhibit was designed for a children’s museum in Santa Clarita, CA.

CalArts & Meow Wolf

Collectively, six teams organized their ideas to fit one narrative about a new age owl-enthusiast named Wizdom who accidentally opened up a portal to another world. I created this walkthrough to demonstrate how visitors would follow Wizdom’s path into this surreal world of the super smart owls.

Unbecoming VR

”Recently dead, you follow a spirit guide into the afterlife”
A VR Project in collaboration with Violet Smith and Wells, Unbecoming was exhibited at CalArts Expo ‘22.

Glen Canyon: A River Guide Remembers Exhibit Design

This exhibit documents the experiences of the last river guides to run Glen Canyon before it was drowned by Lake Powell. When things fell through between the curators and designer, I was called in to redesign the exhibit two weeks before opening. This redesign included spatial planning, graphic design, and print coordination. 

This exhibit was curated by Martha Ham and Ryann Savino and designed in collaboration with Christopher Henderson. Exhibit was open from May 1st, 2018 through March, 23rd, 2019 at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum. Exhibit photos by Gary Booth.

Our Futures invites visitors to “time travel” to the year 2039 and experience four potential futures for the residents of Green River. In doing so, visitors, specifically preteens and teens, are asked to consider the role they each play in shaping their community’s future.

Epicenter’s Our Futures was curated by UMFA’s Ashley Farmer in collaboration with Jorge Rojas and Emily Izzo. ACME (Art. Community. Museum. Education.) is an outreach initiative by UMFA dedicated to rethinking the public role of museums. Exhibit was open from March 1st through July 1st, 2018. Photos courtesy of Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

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