Smokey Bear ZBrush Sculpt

Now over seventy-five years old, Smokey Bear, one of America's favorite national figures, has had many incarnations, but few 3D versions have been very successful. Because of this, I used ZBrush to sculpt a design that maintains the cartoon qualities that made Smokey such a lovable figure.

Sea Angels Stop Motion Props

This stop-motion film is a mockumentary about the lives of refugee mermaids who perform for humans in a converted Los Angeles swimming pool. I made around twenty custom props for this film, mostly 3D printed, then painted.
Director: Cissie Efraimsson. Set Designer: Chusu Kim.

Allsets & Hotrsike Branding

These brands represent two sides of the same team: one working on film set design and the other chasing retail work. I devised these two separate brand identities with unique attitudes and subtle overlap (such as sharing the same body typeface).

Button 1207 Prop

Dalton Lu, the writer and director of this short film, needed a special prop made fast. This simple execution of a foam box was textured, painted, and coated to appear as a strange wooden box with a glowing red button.

Signs of LA

All of the signs here (extant or extinct) represent an underrated portion of the city’s built environment; an oft-derided subset of architecture. These signs are not meant to evoke a nostalgia for an imagined past, but rather to showcase the “electro graphic architecture” that continues to define streetscapes; even as they both evolve.

Honorable Mention for In School, A+D Museum Design Awards.

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