Zoom Communications Trade Show Booths RFP / Sparks

Sparks competed for the chance to run a year of shows for Zoom Communications. We presented multiple concepts. I was the lead designer for the concept seen below and was warmly received by the clients. This concept is built with components that can be reused in smaller shows throughout the year.

Front Angled View
30x50 Plan View
Back View of storage closet with LED array on corner
Back View
Tunnel Entry with Swag Station at the end
Teaching Theater
Inside Meeting Room
20x20 Plan View
20x20 Front View (reuse demos from 30x50)
20x20 Tunnel Entry (reuse tunnel from 30x50)
20x20 Back (reuse storage closet from 30x50)
10x20 Plan View
10x20 Front View (reuse demos from 30x50)
10x20 Front Angled View (reuse swag from 30x50)
10x20 Back View