The Last Wild Bird in Heaven, 2024 (6:33)

Troubled by the death of her brother, a young girl and her best friend run away from their convent school for an afternoon. After burying a dead bird, the young girl realizes she must look inward for the will and the courage to carry on.
Director: Jenny Nirgends

I designed and created the exterior of the church based on research of small Catholic churches in Mexico and Southern California. 

Sea Angels, 2023 (8:00)

Sea Angels is a mockumentary stop motion comedy about mermaids living in a pool in LA. Because of pollution in the ocean, mermaids were forced to seek help from humans on land. They now live in a water theme park, named Sea Angels, where humans can come to see them perform, learn how to swim, party, and get mermaidian treatments.
Director: Cissi Efraimsson

I created around twenty custom props for this short film as well as one exterior set piece of the LA Swim Stadium.

This facade model is based on the Los Angeles Swimming Stadium from the ‘32 Olympics