Slack Rocket Emoji Sculpture / Sparks

During a client call, someone proposed a physical version of the Slack rocket emoji as part of a “bright shiny relevant object,” a term used to describe a highly enticing visual set piece that could be used to tell a story about a Slack/Salesforce product.

Initially regarded as possibly too costly for this event, I volunteered to model a 2.5D and 3D interpretation of this emoji. I created this hard-surface sculpt and shared with the team who expanded it into a larger interactive story. The final design convinced the client to set aside space in the budget for the impressive 3D rocket. It has since been used at multiple Slack/Salesforce events.

Slack Rocket Emoji Reference
Finished Sculpt
3D Model
Adjustments to design made by Mike Roth and the CT team: simplified the fire, added another widow (backlit), reduced fins to 3, expanded with exhaust clouds base, and “Mission Control” interactive station.
Shop Progress
Slack Rocket Activation at Dreamforce 2023